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Thermo Ash

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American, Thermo treated, ash.

About Thermo Ash

Thermo treated ash offers many advantages over other types of wood. Due to the ThermoWood process of increasing the internal temperature of the wood up to 215°C, we minimize the deformation of the product and increase the biological life cycle to 25 years and more. As a result of the decomposition of the relative humidity in the wood, the product becomes permanently resistant to mould and rot. Thermo Ash belongs to durability class 1. No chemicals are used in all processes.

Key features of Thermo Ash

Thermo Ash owes its beautiful brown colour to the ThermoWood process, in which the glucose present in the wood is caramelised. This while its dimensional stability, rot resistance and insulation purposes increase.

Features and benefits of Thermo Ash

Warm color
Fungus and rot resistance
Equal ageing

Eigenschappen en voordelen van Thermo Essen

Dimensionally stable (operation 5-6%)
Long service life
Weather and seasonal resistance
From sustainably managed forests
Easily maintainable

Thermo Ash belongs to durability class 1

Because of the ThermoWood process, with the help of high heat to the core of the wood, we remove the water in the wood and balance the moisture content up to 4-7%. In this way, we prevent the wood from being attacked by organisms that make it rot, such as fungi, insects and other organisms. This increases the biological life cycle to 25 years and more.

The warm character of Thermo Ash

Besides durability and stability, Thermo Ash is known for its warm, attractive color and scent. The equal airflow in the oven ensures the almost identical colour of all planks. Thermo Ash can be used both indoors and outdoors. Outside the planks will grow grey evenly and inside the Thermo Ash will give you a warm feeling.

Dimensions and qualities

Our American Thermo Ash is always available pre-planed (Hit & Miss) to guarantee the quality of the boards.
* Other decking and cladding profiles available on request.